Archinesia 9


208 pages, 24 x30 cm, English language

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The historical events in the early centuries of the Srivijaya kingdom that ruled over Malay Archipelago and the arrival of colonising nations afterwards are examples of the region’s interlinked past. It forged a historic root for cooperation within the countries in the region now under ASEAN. Consideration about the region’s past record is what strongly tugged our editorial team’s thoughts. History—or we could say the “past”—inevitably constructs the present and, consequently, our future. As we asked some of the people in the architectural practice regarding the role of the past , many hold that the past is an important aspect that we could learn from to live our present life.

ARCHINESIA Bookgazine features built projects curated by our team. Among the projects, we look at the use of traditional building materials in Katamama Hotel by andramatin  and the House in Cornwall Garden by CHANG Architects which belongs to a family of many generations. Can we take the past as something that bounds us, or builds us?                        We leave it for the reader to decide.


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