Archinesia 11


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Why do Architects Need to Travel?
Amidst near-instantaneous technologies where references are mere clicks away, people still long for a direct experience of place—especially towards yet-unfamiliar places where the context of living is significantly different. Exploring places, cultures, and buildings has been suggested to play a role in the design process: many impactful figures are known to have strengthened or even shaped their architectural education through travelling, including Le Corbusier, Aldo van Eyck, Luis Barragan, the Venturis, Tadao Ando, and Friedrich Silaban. What is behind the lure of travel, and more importantly, what can architects and designers gain from conducting them?

To answer these questions, we conducted numerous interviews towards architectural professionals. Among our respondents, the overwhelming consensus was that travelling is ultimately necessary—all of the answers were in agreement about direct experience as a vital tool in the lifelong journey of an architect’s development. The distinguishing factors include: the extent to which travel impacted them; the purpose of travels; and none the least—the destinations they found to be memorable. Here, we present an examination of the selected viewpoints, as well as a map of the destinations that have been recommended by architects. A journey is a highly personal way of learning, and we hope that this coverage will provide our readers with the means of beginning—or straying from—their exploration.


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